Exciting News: I’m a Model!

I’m super thrilled to be modeling at the photo shoot for Mizzen+Main‘s new Spring collection.  Myself and Jordan Baum will be the leading ladies of the new men’s clothing line.  We will be working along side the two men responsible for the incredible line: Kevin Lavelle and Web Smith.

The product shoot is Dallas all day today and the clothing shoot is tomorrow (Monday).  I’ll try and capture some behind the season footage for everyone! Make sure to follow me on Twitter & Instag.am!

My two cents about the line**: If you work in a suit all day, this line is for you.  Inspired by athletic apparel companies such as Nike and Lululemon, each piece is designed to work hard keeping you cool as your work hard running from meeting to meeting.  As an athlete myself who is more comfortable in a pair of Lululemon spandex than a pencil skirt, I feel for the men that have to look good for 8+ hours a day.  Wearing a suit isn’t easy, but someone has to do it.  You might as well look good and feel good doing it!  Check out their holiday special here.

**Personal opinion