Done with Grad School. No Big Deal…

Happppppyyyyyy Monday morning loyal readers!

How was your weekend? I hope it was fabulous.  Mine was… well less than fun but for a VERY good reason. I had to finish my FINAL grad school research paper.  50 pages on… well on this website :)  Thanks to you, I had Google Analytics to provide in my paper.  A huge relief.  I was fearful that I would post stuff and no one would see it. Ekk!

After the 7 week hiatus from life and full immersion in this last class, I will be finally be able to emerge from my hide away come Wednesday at 10 am.  Thank goodness!  I was getting tired of being a hermit.  Not really my style. I’d rather travel around, meet with new CrossFitters and build lasting friends and connections.


  • a new WEBSITE! YAY! Thanks to my good friend Jake Thompson at Compete Every Day, I will have a new, amazing website design that will be sure to entice you stick around.  Until then, you’re stuck with this site, sorry!
Compete Every Day Women's TShirt

Shirt from the Compete Every Day Collection

  • I’m heading to Dubai & Bangalore?!? YUP! Dec 29th I hop on a plan and land in Dubai to spend New Years with my friend Carmen.  Don’t worry, I’ll take a ton of photos, hit a few CrossFit boxes and share with you.  Just be sure you are following me on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for all the goodies.

First Stop… Dubai!

Guggenheim Abu Dhabi

The Saadiyat Cultural District in Abu Dhabi… CHECK!

Bangalore Palace

The Bangalore Palace… CHECK!

  • Need to invest in a personal photographer to follow me around.  I always forget to take photos and video of myself before, during, and after workouts… any takers? ;)

I ask the question on Twitter, “What do you want to see on this site,” and received a TON of responses, so thank you.  Feel free to reach out on social media, through email, or leave a comment regarding material you want to see.  If you don’t ask, I’ll never know you want it!

On to the WOD

MOBILITY: Solving the Front Rack Position

Strength:  Front Squat
5 X 3
Devlop 3RM

EMOM: 12 min
3 – Deadlifts 275/ 185#
25 – Double Unders
**Please note, Met Cons post strength are always optional.  If you go hard and go heavy during a strength session, you do not need to do a Met Con.  If you take it up to 70-75% of your 1RM, feel free to do the Met Con and modify as appropriate**
Obviously, given your athletic ability, you may be able to do these “as prescribed” or you may have to modify.  THERE IS NO SHAME IN MODIFICATION!  Trust me, I can’t do everything “as prescribed” all the time. As such, here are some ways to modify this workout:
Silver Level:
3 Deadlifts 245/155
25 Double Unders or 50 singles
Bronze Level:
3 Deadlifts at Body Weight
25 Double Unders or 50 Singles