Paleo nutrition and healthy eating.


Welcome Baby Raelee!

After a grueling workout this morning, I turned on my phone to find a text message from my Aunt. Now, it was 6:30am CST which meant it was sent before 5am her time so I knew it was important. To my surprise it was a picture of a BEAUTIFUL baby girl, Raelee Stevens. My cousin had been patiently awaiting the… Read more →

Vanilla Donut Ice Cream

The Proverbial Cheat Meal

When did the “cheat meal” become such a norm? And when did I become part of this statistic?  If you had told me a year ago my healthy lifestyle would go from 100% strict paleo to 60/40 pretty much on the regular, I would have looked at your like you were mentally insane. Seriously though. Over the past year and a half,… Read more →