Adrenal Fatigue: Learning to Relax

Happy monday morning! Guess what? I can’t CrossFit for a whole MONTH! I’ve put my body into overdrive these past two years and haven’t done a proper deload week at all.  So, now I live with the consequences of adrenal fatigue.

Straight from , who has suffered from adrenal fatigue as well:

Contributors to the stress that leads to adrenal fatigue can be lifestyle stressors including but not limited to: lack of sleep, poor food choices, use of stimulants, pulling “all-nighters” or “pushing through” a day despite being tired, perfectionism, staying in no-win situations for too long, over training, lack of fun or stress-relieving practices.”

Story of my life. Stress. Working 40+ hours a week, pulling late nights for grad school, my incessant perfectionism, overtraining…. Yup! sounds about right!

What I finally learned after my exhaustion:

  1. People who train hard and look lean are not always healthy.
  2. Eating fat will not make me fat.
  3. Working out smarter, not harder is often the way to achieve performance and aesthetic goals.
  4. Sleep is the cornerstone of being able to eat well, train well and to allow the body to re-set stress levels and lose body fat. “

Treatment Protocol:

  • Up the fat intake (Mmm more coconut milk, avocado, coconut oil, and olive oil) + calories.
  • Long walks (3-7 miles a day)
  • Lifting two times a week
  • Eating Protein + Carbs after I lift.
  • 8 hours of sleep MINIMUM
  • No caffeine

I started Nov 29th and I am giving myself until Christmas.  Good bye size 0. Hello health.

Please note that I will post daily WODs for all of you not suffering from my bad case of the blueeeessss.


Establish a Heavy Clean (this is not your 1RM but a daily heavy. Think 85%)


AMRAP 6 Minutes

15 Cleans (full squat)

15 Pullups

Rest 3 Minutes

50 Burpees for Time